AquaSurTech Coating Products, N.A.

Superior Waterborne Coatings for Architectural Applications 

Direct to Aluminum, PVC, Fiber-Glass, and Masonry

>Click here for CMHC 'Aluminum Curtain Wall Restoration' case study.

Click on photo for CMHC case study - Westmount Square, Montreal, Canada


 "Painting the World, without costing the Earth...."

AquaSurTech Coating Products provide a high performance waterborne exterior and interior protective coating system formulated for Architectural, Industrial, and OEM applications. Our waterborne products perform, and in most instances outperform, conventional solvent-based products, meeting all current regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds, while remaining environmentally and user friendly. Properly applied, AquaSurTech products have superior adhesion, durability, and offer ultraviolet protection, allowing us to grant a ten (10) year guarantee.

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